Man and Girl

Willow Pond The bed magazine ashtray can of pop, Coca-Cola curtains are drawn full bin that smells of apple cores magazine that is open to a page for men’s fragrance and behind the closed door and inviting well-lit hall with doors off it niggling doubt before floating view of other people doing the same walking destinationContinue reading “Man and Girl”

The Expectancy

Like  a bad smell lingering just below of ice and fire concealed by leathery skin serpentous forms slither and sinewy wind around limbs, that will wither and die and the great moon’s clock impassive tick then ever so slowly tock. Crows caw in the graveyard dark and cadavers stir below the ground. It’s the horror callContinue reading “The Expectancy”

I Saw

I saw you as like the bark on a stout tree, dark and hard, protecting and essential for the life of the tree. The sun was present somewhere behind the cloud so it was bright cloud that I saw to the left side of the tree hugging branches and the edges of a squirrel thatContinue reading “I Saw”