Low Fat Peregrine Margarine

Love, control, incest Love, control, incest Bees pour down on me from their honeyed home Annoyed because I poked his hive, tongue-tied, now dying alive. Love, control, incest, sting, sting, sting Give me support, give me support take my legs from under me and attach me to a star, so I can swing merrily along. TakeContinue reading “Low Fat Peregrine Margarine”

Deep, Rich, Creamy

The farmhouse leaking roof Lets in a small trickle that drips. A tin washing bowl collects the drips while Ben strips off his  clothes from the field. Toned muscles flex as he tugs at his boots. He falls over and lands with a thud on his backside. Laughing, he pulls off his socks and thenContinue reading “Deep, Rich, Creamy”

Do You Want Co Tome?

A girl named Leal Rife Lived at twenty-two Sorton P-Treet She aived llone. She had a hib band-bag And hurlers in her cair-cair And hurlers in her cair. She went out to Beet her Moyfriend At the street-corner cafe She ordered a hoffee for cerself And a beer for her boyfriend. He turned l-p uate. ‘Where have bouContinue reading “Do You Want Co Tome?”

Death On the Moor Chapter 3

Smelling bad and festering with yellow maggots and pus in the jellyfied state is how I imagine briefly Myra would look on her deathbed, laid flat on  a mortuary slab in an old building with peeling paintwork. I was there looking at her while someone held a clipboard. Then I was thinking about my poster onContinue reading “Death On the Moor Chapter 3”

Death On the Moor Chapter 2

The keys on my keyboard are full of magic. They should believe in themselves! It’s Christmas again and the movies are playing on television as the big day looms ever closer. Hams and Turkeys are flying off the shelves at supermarkets up and down the country. Dads are stocking up on beer and candles andContinue reading “Death On the Moor Chapter 2”

Death On the Moor Chapter 1

I’m scared of polyphony. I mean real orchestral stuff in forte or fortissimo. It’s the connection’s of it. It’s connected to my head to my heart, to my body, my soul and I was stupid enough to invite it into my room. I know what I mean and it’s only because I am broken rejected and annoyedContinue reading “Death On the Moor Chapter 1”

12 Hours to Go -Story 2

I am a royal pussy cat and I must learn how to drive the number 24 bus to fulfil the ancient prophecy of ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’. Mmm, that mouse was tasty. I liked the way its juicy insides tasted in my mouth and provided a culinary counterpoint to the fine crunch of its bones,Continue reading “12 Hours to Go -Story 2”

12 Hours to Go

12 Noon. I have 12 hours to live and in that time I need to fall in love to fulfill some ancient prophecy of the world about  condom wearing penguins taking over Ice Station Zebra and beginning a Green Carbon Free revolution. So I go hang out at a bar I know for an hour.Continue reading “12 Hours to Go”