12 Hours to Go

12 Noon. I have 12 hours to live and in that time I need to fall in love to fulfill some ancient prophecy of the world about  condom wearing penguins taking over Ice Station Zebra and beginning a Green Carbon Free revolution. So I go hang out at a bar I know for an hour.Continue reading “12 Hours to Go”

The Toaster Handle Depressed

The handle of the toaster blue, not depressed with a satisfying click, rick, I swivelled around on my bare foot but in my doing so forgot totally red what I was doing next. I gazed around my multicoloured kitchen with eyes blue ready for whatever truth should befall me white. I was accused by violent lookingContinue reading “The Toaster Handle Depressed”

Shooting Star Scarlette

A request I did first on DA.http://walnutthereindeer.deviantart.com/art/Shooting-Star-Scarlette-Request-Heavier-Lobster-572951163   Black was black. At least Shooting Star Scarlette thought it was. It could be red, blue, green or a trip to see the queen for all she knew because she lived in 2016 and the future was an uncertain pink blancmange  of a place with hundreds andContinue reading “Shooting Star Scarlette”

Writing Exercise 365 day novel – Satire

I’ve only got a few of the facts, but I have an audience of willing lemmings who will laugh at anything I say, ascribe meaning and morality to the most trite populism I spout making people laugh and tackling today’s Big Issues I am a satirist. Oh yes, I have a very popular following soContinue reading “Writing Exercise 365 day novel – Satire”