Big Red Race Car

Vrummmmmmm, Vrummmmm Mirror, signal,  manoeuvre How am I doing? Anything coming? HOW AM I DOING? I’ve got a big rad race car It’s made up of parts of me Really I’m a machined pice of engineernig of glistening pieces , of glistening pieces. oiled and lubed up the eyballs blue, eyeballs blue. HOW AM IContinue reading “Big Red Race Car”

Furries (Declaration of WAR)

The tawny hare, the snowy fox chased the guilty priest into the golden closet full of expensive wigs and bright red lipsticks where the russet lady and the casual dominatrix compared notes from a dripping notebook. Then, the furry friend ladled the smelly concoction over everything and you turn to him and said’This isn’t me,Continue reading “Furries (Declaration of WAR)”

Atlas Got The Job!

Atlas got the job of holding up the world. One day he might retire or become ill and I’m not done yet. Atlas! Always in the front. Always getting the glory. Well, he did not come from a broken home did he? He did not have a sister to raise and shopping to do every night afterContinue reading “Atlas Got The Job!”

Space Travel

Space travel is a perilous adventure. Asteroids, Space dust, cosmic rays can all clog filters or knock you out of orbit, hurtling you towards the nearest sun. So imagine my surprise when on holiday I found myself cruising towards the pleasure planet of Sol550 and happened to see a fighter class frigate half-way between aContinue reading “Space Travel”

Men In Towels

After the sauna, I knew I had a temperature problem. They just kept on pouring water onto the hot coals and for the next week, I couldn’t regulate my own temperature. One minute I’d be inside wearing a wooly jumper and boiling next id be outside in a t-shirt freezing while the sun was out. It’sContinue reading “Men In Towels”

Bluegrass on Rye

Why we should use bluegrass in our curries, when making bread and in general in cooking. The elements of bluegrass are a smoky concoction of tambourine notes with a piccolo aftertaste not requiring either of the aforementioned instruments. Everyone knows how to make bolognese right? Well here is a new recipe I have for you.Continue reading “Bluegrass on Rye”

Red Dust From Mars

Upon the morn did Rita shine. Her head bobbing up and down. Groans were heard coming from the room. Then the words ‘faster’,’faster’,’FASTER’. Ginny walked into the room to see Rita on the exercise bike and Brian bashing  the controls of the deficient treadmill. ‘Hi Brian, Rita!’ said Ginny cheerily ‘This piece of shit won’t goContinue reading “Red Dust From Mars”