If People Are Shooting

If people are shooting take off your helmet. If people are looting take out your wallet and hand it to a passer-by. There is no justice in karma, Let the dark side take you And be careful where you tread, lest you wake the dead The darkness can be your friend or it will driveContinue reading “If People Are Shooting”

To My Younger Self

This is it.The music I like. The people I like. The art I like. The books I like. The hobbies I like. The games I like. The flat I like. The pace I like. The collections I like. The DVD’s I like. The posters I like. The stickers I like. The clothes I like. The economics I like. TheContinue reading “To My Younger Self”

All The Way To London Town

Isn’t blogging like having a lucid dream? The Spire of the Houses Of Parliament, St Pauls Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, The Cenotaph, The Gherkin, South Bank, Battersea Power Station, The West End, The British Museum, The Bank Of England, Admiralty House, Greenwich. Dreaming over your mars bar and pasty lunch with a tin of sugar toContinue reading “All The Way To London Town”