Haunting my dreams or flavouring my lemonade? It’s a sorry story the truth. Let’s tell a story instead. Of struggling with Saturday afternoons on the pool Of fighting for the right cocktail of drink and alcohol. Let us promenade down the front and talk of inconsequential things Like how the muses get on with allContinue reading “Leech”


Like A Shining beacon in the Sky An attraction to animals and fireflys And various humans with different talents Be our hinterhands, our winterlands , or grazing lands. Be our home. Let the Stars Land Gently On Your Runways. Tinseltown. Rock, Hewn out of the hills. Now Listen. This land this fame, the coastal epiphany isContinue reading “Tinseltown”


Who’s At The Door? It’s Mr Bean, International Man Of Mystery and Intrigue and he has a Pizza For You. Let hIm In. Mr Bean gives you the internationally recognised sign with his free hand rubbing thumb and fingers together. Payment For the Pizza. Pay The Man. I haven’t got any cash. Do you take cards?Continue reading “One,Two,Three,Four”