__________Aaarrreeehhhgg. Aaaeeeegrgrgrgrg AAeeerrggg Ah, the waiter is coming! What are you having? I’ll have the Dover sole with potatoes and peas. And iLL HAVE THE BASS with rice and vegetables And a glass of white wine. A large glass of wine, house wine. Dinner will be around 10 minutes. IS THAT YOUR PICTURE Yes itsContinue reading “_____________”


“I’m waiting for the microwave to ping,” ‘It pung already,’ ‘did it. I didn’t hear it,’ ‘Yeah bro it did’ ‘pung…the past tense of ping. Is that what you meant?’ ‘What?…’ ‘you said ‘pung’. Is that the past tense of ping in your head?’ ‘What?…’ ‘Pung. You said Pung!’ ‘Did I?’,’You really shouldn’t take anyContinue reading “Microwave”