First Date (In years) MEN ONLY

Is dating so bad? It’s better done on your own terms Forget those City girls and those trendy bars There’s always a coffee and sandwich to eat And a chat about what is important. Important to keep it light. Death is OK but not your bad habits. She will learn them soon enough. If youContinue reading “First Date (In years) MEN ONLY”


Five Severed Fingers Found in Supermarket Ready Meal

The Devil. Angels. Fallen Angels. Which one are you? Me I believe I was told at an early age that was ‘the Devil himself’ on more than one occasion. Damian had the number 666 tattooed under his hair in a scar tissue tattoo. Me, I shaved my head and found nothing similar. So I was justContinue reading “Five Severed Fingers Found in Supermarket Ready Meal”