The World

Big, square shaped, like a cube That’s Billy my fifteen-year-old. Slow, boring infinitely repeating That’s Billy My Sixteen Year old Large, Full of… Well, I think we can assume young Billy is growing up, or sideways if you prefer. The world is infinitely large or small, caring or indifferent depending on who you are; InContinue reading “The World”

Callous Inside

insipid allow inside callous always dark sway moreover callous betray inside bilious attack inside betray look inside answers hidden behind rocks inside white snake uncoils baring fangs inside pray soul inside behind forever more strange symbols accelerate nothing but annotation misery lost in cauldron disbelief find me said he find me.   Art courtesy AndrewContinue reading “Callous Inside”

Little Fluffy Clouds

Who owns the little fluffy clouds? Is there a little fluffy cloud inside of me? Do I do back flips inside my little fluffy cloud? or does my little fluffy cloud do backflips on me? When I sleep is my little fluffy cloud in motion? Or still somewhere between the sky and the sun? HowContinue reading “Little Fluffy Clouds”

Five Severed Fingers Found in Supermarket Ready Meal

The Devil. Angels. Fallen Angels. Which one are you? Me I believe I was told at an early age that was ‘the Devil himself’ on more than one occasion. Damian had the number 666 tattooed under his hair in a scar tissue tattoo. Me, I shaved my head and found nothing similar. So I was justContinue reading “Five Severed Fingers Found in Supermarket Ready Meal”