Jig Poem

Jig-saw jig-seen Jig been there Jig will try it… Jig been… Jig self upwards Repair Hands together Going nowhere Jig on, Jig out Jig yourself out of a hole Jig-me a melody Jig inside to a tune Jig on anywhere, anyplace love has been Jig to the future, jig to the past Jig going forward It’sContinue reading “Jig Poem”



Gold bitch everlasting peace   Words come down see itself and began to come again and again. Blow me Blow me back against the wall begging for relief. Come down slowly in my arms and swallow me whole. This snake is heading This snake is heading for its hole in the ground. Bring me backContinue reading “eXPERIMENtal Beat”