Jig Poem

Jig-saw jig-seen

Jig been there

Jig will try it…

Jig been…

Jig self upwards


Hands together

Going nowhere

Jig on, Jig out

Jig yourself out of a hole

Jig-me a melody

Jig inside to a tune

Jig on anywhere, anyplace love has been

Jig to the future, jig to the past

Jig going forward

It’s gonna be a blast!


© 2017 Andrew Watkins


Gold bitch everlasting peace


Words come down see itself and began

to come again and again. Blow me

Blow me

back against the wall begging for relief.

Come down slowly in my arms and

swallow me whole. This snake is heading

This snake is heading

for its hole in the ground.

Bring me back and get some sleep. Begin again

Another cold week my soul eating

from a bowl in the cold. Weather down in the

heather with the birds and insects crawling

down my shirt and trousers, army issue sunglasses.

Dog tag dangling, Now


Gold bitch everlasting peace.

Gold bitch everlasting peace.

Gold bitch everlasting peace.

by Andrew Watkins

Mwah ha ha!

On my cloud number, nine

waiting for the bus takes no time

I am already there

Dancing on the floor and meeting and greeting

promises are made

awards I give

for niceness, politeness and Agbonlahor!

In all, it’s a happy place

a happy plaice, a happy plaice

swimming in the sea, all the better for knowing me

I am sure that when you get on the floor that you will be welcomed

with open arms by the hugging brigade or the panty brigade whatever your heart desires.

On the floor tonight that’s right, that’s right