Word Bombs

words that carry a payload

car…pillow. forehead

When the join between past and present comes,

it comes with words that carry a payload.

Past transgressions future regressions

it’s all the same when hear them. The sunken feeling is an inevitable as when you miss a step and know

you are about to fall. You might as well just bury your head in the pillow.

(You might as well take revenge, you might as well get angry, you might as well let it go.)

Maybe you have them rattled. Why else did they get out the big guns?  (Words that carry a payload.)

(Words that carry a payload. Words that carry a payload. Words that carry a payload.)

Attack is the best form of defence they heard, must ‘ave. As I have nothing to offend them.

Or maybe they want to join in and I am holding auditions with words with a payload.

I learned when I was five that words with a payload existed and that they were a blunt but effective tool only I thought them too primitive to use myself and thought that  they that used them must be guilty of lazy thought.

Today the jury is out as I never know what my situations will be and what will be necessary. Insert legal disclaimer here. But this is my reaction to receiving words with a payload from a courageous coward I know very well.

Will we get into a war of words with a payload? I sincerely hope not. But I feel its begun and I will now get my words with a payload thrown back at me when all I want is peace. What can it be that caused these words to be?

Personally I believe in non-proliferation of words with a payload but as a poet I have a conflict of interest and for years practiced (now I recall) my own words with a  payload on whomever would listen as I believed that nobody would believe my little words of truth.

So as a verbal combatant I now lay down my arms and destroy my words with a payload! I do this with the thought and prospect of improved dignity for those I converse with and see, but I reserve the right to use such words professionally.

But I never know when I will need them, even internally. If the law was not an ass perhaps I would now feel better or perhaps it’s my contracting skills that are lacking, or perhaps I need some backing from a verbal authority, and I could do with parties aggrieved to admit a grievance claim against me. I could argue I had grounds for verbal warfare. I channelled my aggression into my words and boy did I have a lot of aggression. But unsurprisingly people just got annoyed very quickly with me.

All this from a sortie of words with a payload.
What if this got out? A poet afraid of words with a payload would the twisted version be. But I am not afraid I just like peace and will go out of my way to avoid battles, wars, all forms of melee.
What do I want? Silence, Hardly! Peace and well-being for all who know me. And prosperity.

Now I know that fate is deaf-blind and stupid and has always been a part of me, I feel history repeating on me. I feel in the middle of a mad melee. Fucking word bombs and self-fulfilling prophecies. Some people will not listen to reason. Some people from an early age have been spoiled and rapscallion.

Maybe this person was just trying to get under my skin in a hopeless game of one-upmanship. Fucking loser.