In with the big hitters, at last. I can finally follow my dreams to say goodbye to it all and begin collecting roaches. The look in your eyes when I said goodbye the look I know you got inside. Together we can grow up and up to the sky where we can collect roaches. roachesContinue reading “Formaldehyde”


Bang! (Where Beavis and Butthead Meets Autism and Punk)

Scared of noises? Youu’ll be ready for all weather with new Rubber Goretex Massif Wellington Boots with white rubber silent soles. For the cautious Eco-Activist. Gather you test tubes and get ready… Meanwhile…Its Tuesday, not an ordinary day, not an amazing one. Tuesday. T-T-T-T-T-T-Tuesday. T-uuuuuuuuus-dddddday Its Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuesday. Tuuuuuuueeeeeeesssdddaaaayyyy!!! Where are you? On the Bus?Continue reading “Bang! (Where Beavis and Butthead Meets Autism and Punk)”

Morpork and Mindy

If you have read any of the tales of The Watch by the sadly deceased Terry Pratchett you will be familiar with Ankh-Morpork, the fictional state, on Discworld in which the tales unfold. If you, like  me, grew up during the nineteen seventies and eighties you will also be familiar with Mork and Mindy, a sitcomContinue reading “Morpork and Mindy”

I’d like To Donate

dONATE Man1: I’d like to donate fifty thousand dollars to your cause! CharityMan: Can you form an orderly queue, please. Man1: Sorry. Can I speak to you? I want to donate fifty thousand dollars to your cause! CharityMan: Yeah What do you want? Man1: I’d like to donate fifty thousand dollars to your cause! CharityMan: Fifty thousand what? Man1:Continue reading “I’d like To Donate”


Life is so Multi-dimensional. Nothing rhymes with Multi-dimensional. Ahhem. Cought! There was once a brown bird It lived in the sky There was once an ant It lived on the ground There was once an Ipad It lived in someones hands Applaaause!!!!!!!!!! Hellow! My name is Andrew… I am a practising alcoholic I practice asContinue reading “Magnifier”