Morning Bed Red

Morning bed red. Red if I turn left, red if I turn right, red if I sit upright or show any signs of the fight. Red for a coffee black, hack. Red again from the hallway in the form of prison guards encultured like green, charlie sheen. I have moved on Schon, into pastures greenContinue reading “Morning Bed Red”

The Toaster Handle Depressed

The handle of the toaster blue, not depressed with a satisfying click, rick, I swivelled around on my bare foot but in my doing so forgot totally red what I was doing next. I gazed around my multicoloured kitchen with eyes blue ready for whatever truth should befall me white. I was accused by violent lookingContinue reading “The Toaster Handle Depressed”


Brown, brown, brown was the morning and as I turned over and faced the opposite way brown was the colour I could see there too. Flecks of black were like wildfowl in the deep grass of doom and the great white wind was rustling the golden stalks in the neighbouring field of a new dayContinue reading “Brown,Brown,Brown”

Hello Cupboard

Hello! Cupboard How Are You? My Name Is Andrew. Comment Allez Vous? Ca Va? Ca va bien merci, Est ce que voudrais un cafe? C’est in bon idee! See how we live in the twenty-first century Talking to my cupboard about the day might seem strange In fact its as pink as blancmange to sayContinue reading “Hello Cupboard”

I just read a blog on Tumblr

That had in it colour codes for communicating the way you feel about a blog or the person behind the blog. It went something like this:- black – I would date you Brown-  I don’t like you/your blog Purple – Your blog made me think of waterfalls Rainbow – BED PLZ As someone who has statedContinue reading “I just read a blog on Tumblr”