Little by little I suppose it gets inside us; humanity, common and solid. And all the signposts and cobbled streets that have worn out our shoes have a destination of a spaghetti junction of a sort. We can go everywhere all from one place. Imagine God was a gardener as a young man/deity. Now heContinue reading “God”

Christian Thought #000006

There’s A Weight Lifted Off My Shoulders. Well, actually I was not carrying it. I had set it down on the side of me because I was tired of the weight. Then a good samaritan came along and took the load right off me. No shit! It was one minute there and the next minuteContinue reading “Christian Thought #000006”

Christian Thought #00004

All Is Not Well. There was a penetrating silence. I thought perhaps there were bogeymen outside of my door but when I opened it nobody was there. Just in case I wasn’t feeling good about things (which I was, albeit temporarily) the universe decided to play a cruel joke on me, of the existential variety.Continue reading “Christian Thought #00004”

Christian Thought

OK. I am not perfect. In fact, I am as far away from perfect as you can get. In the past week, I have been umming and ahhing my way as I find out more about the life I might yet lead. Might. I feel mighty real. You make me feel mighty real. Communards OrContinue reading “Christian Thought”