Writing Exercises #365daynovel – Pencil Sharpener Man


‘A crime fighting superhero lives in my cupboard!’. So says Jack. Jack is ten going on twenty and his brother Lis, 12 and sister Jo, 14 don’t have a clue. It all began when the neighbours dog Poochy Poo, got stolen when Mrs Sparkles was at the newsagent buying yesterday’s paper.

She left PoochyPoo tied up outside the shop to a lamppost and when she got back five minutes later PoochyPoo had gone lead an all!

Mrs. Sparkles went back into the shop and told Mr Gupta what had happened and before long a crowd had gathered.

‘Please be quiet and let Mrs. Sparkles Speak’ said Mr. Gupta his hands up in the air, trying to draw attention to himself.

‘Well, as usual, I tied poochy to the lampost and gave him a chew and told him I would be back in two minutes. I came into the shop to get my paper and some tissues and I spoke to Mr. Gupta about the banks, you know what they get away with is a crime! So I take my shopping bag and get outside and go to untie Mr. Poochy but he was gone!

The crowd gasped.

‘All that was left was his sparkly collar’ said Mrs. Sparkles.

She held up the collar for all to see.

‘Have no fear, Pencil Sharpener Man is here! Let me get straight to the point! Justice will prevail! Who has the sharpest pencil?, Shouted Pencil Sharpener Man?

He was wearing a pair of red trousers, red shoes and wore a red belt. He also wore a red jumper and tied onto the jumper were pencil sharpeners of all shapes and sizes. Round his neck, he wore a red cape and he wore a pair of red swimming goggles around his head.

‘Let me see that’ Said Pencil Sharpener Man reaching for the collar.

Mrs. Sparkles said’thank you’

Pencil Sharpener Man selected a pencil sharpener from his jumper, one that was also a magnifying glass.

‘Well, what do we have here?’ Asked Pencil Sharpener Man, looking through the magnifying glass at the collar. Everyone crowded round.

‘looks like chocolate’ said Jack who was covering one eye and staring through the lens.

‘Chocolate! Dogs don’t eat chocolate boy’ said Pencil Sharpener Man

‘Mrs. Sparkles. Does your dog eat chocolate? Have you eaten chocolate today?

Mrs. Sparkles shook her head.

‘Well then we have our first clue’ Said Pencil Sharpener Man


‘I sell chocolate’ said Mr. Gupta helpfully. Everybody turned to look at Mr. Gupta.

‘At what time before Mr. PoochyPoos went missing did you last sell some chocolate Mr. Gupta?

‘Well let me see, Jack had a bar and Lis bought some chocolate ┬ámice then at quarter to ten a tall man wearing a striped black and white top with an empty sack over his back bought one bar as well. I remember him because there were chocolate prints on his clothes

‘A tall man eh, who gets chocolate on his hands, with an empty sack eh?

‘Woof Woof’

‘Mr. Poochy poos! Said Mrs. Sparkles clutching her bosom.

‘where?’ asked jack.

Mr. Pencil Sharpener Man put his hand to his brow and searched around in a circle. Everyone followed suit

‘There!’ On the other side of the road. ‘A tall man with a stripey top with a sack over his back’

‘Woof’ came from the sack on his back.

‘Mr. Poochy poos! said Mrs. Sparkles clutching at her Bosom.

‘Who has the sharpest Pencil?’ Asked Pencil Sharpener Man.

‘Pencil Sharpener Man!’ shouted everyone.

With that Pencil, Sharpener Man crossed the road and put his hand on the shoulder of the tall man.

‘Got a pencil in there? Or a Dog?Asked pencil Sharpener Man

He Took the bag from the man and handed it to Jack. Jack put down the bag and opened the top. Out jumped Mr. Poochy poos.

‘Mr. Poochy poos! My precious! said Mrs. Sparkles

‘Let me see your hands’ said pencil sharpener man.

The tall man held out his hands. They were covered in chocolate.

‘Chocolate!’ exclaimed Mr. Pencil Sharpener Man. ‘And it matches that on the collar. Speaking of which so are you thief! said Pencil Sharpener Man producing a set of pencil sharpener handcuffs from his jumper.

‘Yeaaahhh’ said all the kids.

‘Yeeah. Hurahh for Pencil Sharpener Man’ said Mr Gupta

‘Hurrah For Pencil Sharpener Man ‘ Said Mrs. Spakles’

‘Woof’ said Mr. Poochy Poos

Later that day Jack was at home on his bed reading his comic book and his dad came into his room wearing a pair of red swimming goggles and carrying a heavy plastic bag.

‘Mr. Pencil Sharpener Man! Said Jack, excitement in his eyes

‘Who?’ said his dad taking off his goggles and putting them in his bag ‘ I have just been swimming and need somewhere to put my kit. Do you mind if I use your cupboard, Jack? Asked his Dad.

‘Im putting it on the top shelf at the back so it is out of your way’ you won’t need to look in there, will you jack?’

‘No’ said Jack

Wotcha Jack’ ‘ I got you this’ A red pencil Sharpener. Look after it Jack. Who have the sharpest pencils? said his Dad winking at him.