Sucking,Slippery Sinking Sand

The Suspect snake slithered towards the slippery sinking sand where Sam struggled as the sand slithered over him In swathes and swathes it submerged him The snake suspected lunch was sliding away Sam saw the snake and shouted ‘over here snake! Over here’ The snake saw the shouting man and sniggered to himself ‘Sam isContinue reading “Sucking,Slippery Sinking Sand”

If You Go Down To The Woods Today-Chapter One

Teddy was playing with Rabbit. Rabbit was hiding from Teddy. Badger was the umpire. ‘I will count from ten backwards, then you,¬†Teddy must go and find rabbit’,’Teddy,’ said Badger Teddy looked at Badger ‘Yes Badger,’ ‘Close your eyes Teddy,’ ‘Yes Badger,’ said Teddy who then closed his eyes. ‘Ready Everyone?’ said badger. ‘Yes, Ready’ saidContinue reading “If You Go Down To The Woods Today-Chapter One”