My Candle Burns Underwater

Two Cities..jpegIn a word, insomuch of a breath that was taken in vain

This thing occurred.

A tale of two cities. Forgotten bliss. Memories of hope. Now.

I die. I don’t believe. I try. I do not specify.

Maybe. A Life on the stage for me. Assignations. A plea. Nothing.

Scattered frozen peas. Of an idea. Art was the answer all along.

Now I have something to show. Of ideas caught up in tallow that burns slow.

Maybe I have come of age. Now. Tomorrow. I have been here before remember.

Remember your name and date of birth and what will follow will follow. I have a talk. I have a talk.

My candle burns underwater. Flip the coin of ages.


Wave if you’re boiling hot!

It’s hot here at Vod Towers and I’ve got the fan turned up to three! (It doesn’t go any higher)

I think that we are (the royal WE) in the middle of a HEAT WAVE!

It’s so hot I have taken half of my clothes off and I am sitting here typing in my ankle braces (not that I have any) and bony knees. All alone except for the fan and music player!

Now isn’ t that sad. I could be getting annoyed with someone in the HEAT. I could be getting horny under the 15 tog duvet. Nah! I could be having a cold shower??

Nah! I’ll save it for the mo’ if that’s alright?

Well music is like heroin to my junkie senses which are alight and on End like I am hard and speaking to an utter cunt who i just want to fill. Make sense? I don’t know why I choose this music band because they feel all wrong!!

Today I met a career goal. I had mince beef hotpot for dinner. I went out and bought a nice cold bottle of white wine to drink or BOITE, as the French say.

I felt I had neglected my blog today after fulfilling my CAREER GOAL! so i thought I would sit down and type something. Tomorrow I am going to visit my father and have dinner at his house. Exciting ? Hardly can wait!.

Intellectually speaking is there such a word as extellectually. The spellcheck says NO!

Now I am coolER I want to write and tell you about my day. Well, I already did that. This is going out LIVE Well it’s hot and I took off half of my clothes!

It’s calm here like a still pond with swan gliding along not making a ripple. PEACE!

I am surrounded by my things which despite being just things are like Santas Little Helpers to me but I FORGET so often.

I am looking at my screen which despite its poor black and white contrast is an excellent little monitor.


I am listening to PLACEBO and today I met my career GOAL of uploading my PORTFOLIO to the AOI.COM where illustrators ARE! (Association of Illustrators.COM)


That’s it really. Now I wait for the commissioning emails or phone calls. Excellent! Thank you for reading. Cheerio! And COOL Off!