If I were a fish I would be a Flounder
Sometimes I might be an excited Flounder

Other times I might be a Flounder/seeker
but floundering is what I do best

Do you Flounder about too? or do you Perch upon high
Are you an Angelfish or a Dragonfish?

The Flounder

by Andrew Watkins

Scaly and wet, marbled set
Intrigued by Michaelangelo
finished by God
Slimmed through food scarcity
Streamlined through slow currents
With eyes like plates, you see right
through me.


Even one eye is better than my two. And ‘like a
fish’, my mother’s simile that applied to a fast swimmer friend but
never ever to ‘me’ stung like a whip.
That a friends son was superior in my mother’s eyes to me
stung like a bee because I surely put in
as much effort. Now this fish, the flounder
makes sense as that is what I do when in deep water
Which is where I found myself time after time in my life’s history. So
Swim ‘fish like’ memory bee with a sting just stay away from the currents
of my active memory, please!