Dawn: An Idea

What is new? Today is Monday. Again. What is blue? You? In a train loo. On fast forward to your destination. Quiet as the grave. Everybody looks so alive. Maybe it’s just me stumbling into another disaster. Plaster. Self-doubt for the moody. Moody’s. God, Your choosy. Am I all bluesy? Tuesday. Another day. Lost. Cost. Lost inContinue reading “Dawn: An Idea”

Bed In My Head

My bed is in my head, it’s the same every night Pillow slip check, duvet check teddy… It’s the same every night It’s the same every night Like a weirdos dream.. sleep alone… my soul is untouched and clean… no one else can see the mould on the wall… It’s the same every night It’s the same everyContinue reading “Bed In My Head”