Alma Step-Mater and Pater

Sorry about the confusing title to this blog. Read on and all if not all then something will be revealed. ‘Twas a strange day with things attached to a certain significance that only could be. I saw the member of the upper-class before I got home. He was carrying an umbrella and swaggering it likeContinue reading “Alma Step-Mater and Pater”



I was made bankrupt in 2005 and since my life has been on a slow downwards trajectory through dodgy housing, mental illness, sickness, hospitalisation for stomach ulcers, depression and finally no improvement in my writing ability, although I did learn I can draw a bit! But the author of Gullivers Travels was also a bankrupt so allContinue reading “Lilliputions”


This poem is the first of three I made on the theme of ‘runs’. As you can see I use the word in the first line. ———————————————————————————————————- rabbit runs, bass drums,  hi-hats rolling and strolling along the path merrily doffing and snoffing a friend or aquaintance good morning, how do you do? I am fineContinue reading “Rolex”