Sweet Dreams, Ephraim

  The road was long, at least, that’s how Ephraim remembered it.   On his way home  and reaching the bottom of his road where the bucket and slop cloth awaited him the following morning. He let out a sigh. ‘That’s one for Mom none for me. Again. At least, the bricks are red andContinue reading “Sweet Dreams, Ephraim”

Shooting Star Scarlette

A request I did first on DA.http://walnutthereindeer.deviantart.com/art/Shooting-Star-Scarlette-Request-Heavier-Lobster-572951163   Black was black. At least Shooting Star Scarlette thought it was. It could be red, blue, green or a trip to see the queen for all she knew because she lived in 2016 and the future was an uncertain pink blancmange  of a place with hundreds andContinue reading “Shooting Star Scarlette”