Tadpole, Caterpillar, Baby


Moving this way with a wiggle of your tail. All head and mouth. Speckled like a fish. Now you have a thicker tail. Now you have legs, now you are green.now you are a frog.It’s a miracle!

The way you move is hypnotising. Like a little movie. you curl, you undulate, you stand on your hind legs, you poop on my hand then you become a butterfly or a moth. Its a miracle!

You cry, you wail, you scream, you eat, you poop, you grow, you speak, you sit, you crawl, you stand, you walk, you talk, you play, you hug, you stare, you hear, you touch, you’re still a baby. It’s a miracle!

I’m not sure if this is serious, funny or just a collection of outstanding miracles. There i go again, sounding all religious!