Goat Not Horse

I am a goat not a horse
So why when we go for a walk
do you feed me tin cans
containing horse feed?

I am a clam not a mussel
So why when you tug on my beard
do I refuse to move from my rock
where I live?

I am A4 not foolscap and
punched with three holes
so why do you try to put me
in a four-ring binder.

I am English not Italian
So when you greet me shake
my hand don’t grin and hug
me like a bear.

I am going around the bend
so when you see me don’t
pretend that you are awkward around men
because I’ve seen it all before.


Cats Smiling
Mise Gnarling
Ants getting on with their day.
Each blinded by the capability of the other
Each jealous in their own particular way
Each wondering why me here today.
The farmer cleans up the yard not knowing
of the turmoil amongst the cows, straw and hay.
And I wonder to whom do the farmyard animals pray
when they dream of having a better day.