Futuristic Ice Cream Novel

Lollypop lady gives out lollipops to children of dinosaurs and

illegal immigrants. Rally here, rally here bring your cameras

and smart phones. Please do not SWEAR or smoke. (There are children about)

Moonlight optional, Hi- vis accepted, BBC outside broadcast.




Guns and Bling

Dark metal, gunmetal grey, ivory handle, rosewood case

a pair of pistols a gift from a wealthy manufacturer

kept locked away in a safe for most of the year

To come out on this most fateful of days.

A cold stark morn. Two fellows meet at dawn.

The one to kill the other to fall, and with it

ambitions of the board.

A black handkerchief, twenty paces and

a shot and a figure crumpled to the ground

gun dropping from his outstretched hand.

Smoke rises from the barrel of the victor

now assured of his place.

Car doors close and powerful engines drive

away the spectators of this fateful day.

The losers left to mourn.

The directorship won.