The Cold Air Biting Frigid

Procrastination leads everywhere. Follow the lead of procrastination to its source and pull the plug! Act now! All-time, everywhere, all places, all people, all reckonings…

The many warnings about procrastination! Never come out cold! Never go it alone! Never say never! Never think! ACT! Break procrastinations back.

Think! DO! Love! React! Show! Tell!

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My room has giant spider webs.

In the room next to mine, a spider, like Shelob lives and waits for me to drop my guard so she can eat me.

Haemoglobin – The cars on the street are carrying oxygen to cells throughout the organ system city. Red cars are antihistamine carriers. Police cars cancer drugs at work.

I am an old 286 PC running an old BASIC program which has a virus and outputs strings of text and images at random intervals.

I wanted to write this. It was my ambition at one time. It feels naughty to have finally made it.

Maybe I wanted to be…16 again.

Am I Alone?

Off the sea

I can hear the waves rushing in off the sea

I don’t know but to me this is poetry

Its like everyone is here from 1993

In the air is a poem carrying some psyence fiction

and in my throat a sound, like a moan but more guttural like a gorilla

Children of the age from Landon town in pink wearing a frown upside down

Marshmallows by the fire and suddenly its time! So soon. Back to my room.

And it’s the Seventies again tonite. Come on Eileen! Come on! We’re having fun.

David Bowie on a yacht asking me could it be so much fun. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yes I can grab your gun we’re going for a run into town to see what’s going down

Hello, Titch, I’ve got a dog named Mitch back at home but here I’m all alone…

Alone in despair but I don’t care. I think I’m destined for better things.

What rhymes with this mote on my finger? Better things/ Golden Rings

Suddenly I’m ten again and the world seems to be very large. I play in a corner, alone.

Are you one of them? Or are you one of us? to which the only answer can be – I think I’m one of me.

Speedway on the track, no time for looking back into a grey haze on duvet days.

Another false dawn comes as no surprise to my eyes, my eyes, my eyes come as no surprise.

And blink and count back from ten. Then come looking for us.


All alone in my bed but in my head
is a construction site of activity
and usually it’s the wrecking ball
at work swinging then dropping
swinging then dropping
swinging then dropping.
Onto my ego, my fragile ego
smashing and bending its irons out of shape
then memories come and join in the show
till I see nothing from above but all from below
It’s on top of me again and if I need a witness I’ll call you
Otherwise, I might resurface in the morning or later
as my habit is and resume my part. I hope you’re not alone.
Alone for real or in a crowd or in a marriage.
Loneliness is like a…