Golem,Freak,Fool How dare you? Kid, Boy, Son Well done! Now you see what we can do to you. It’s One, Two, One Two. To our tune forever more you will march. One,Two. One ,Two. Resistance is painful. One,Two. One ,Two. We’ll Put you in gaol. One,Two. One,Two. Crucify you on nails. One,Two.One,Two. You won’t trimContinue reading “Golem,Freak,Fool”

Rusty Pennies

  Dysphagia contained light is dark, hot is cold, good is bad? yesterday is now today (it happened yesterday morn) the time-space continuum sprung a leak and I fell into it drowning in specious stuff until I surfaced on a remote desert islands somewhere. I am trying to give you my impression of how I feel.Continue reading “Rusty Pennies”