Little baby

You always prevaricate me into something else
One minute I have good intentions
The next I am examining my navel
What power have you to distort and distend
(when all I wanted was a friend)
From a position of responsible humility
I appear reckless and spendthrift
What powers have thee over history?
From a position of seeking knowledge
I am forced to be a maverick
What is this strange power over me?
Is it that I am a baby and you a wizened crone
or is it from the time I said ‘Mom, I don’t want to come home,’
Now the cat is out of the bag and I wonder
Will you track me down and make me pay?
Or will I live to fight another day alone
And then like Charles Bronson walk you home?
One thing is sure there will never ever be another
like you Mom, Father, Sister, Lover, Brother.

by Andrew Watkins



How dare you?

Kid, Boy, Son

Well done!

Now you see what we can do

to you. It’s One, Two, One Two.

To our tune forever more you will march.

One,Two. One ,Two. Resistance is painful.

One,Two. One ,Two. We’ll Put you in gaol.

One,Two. One,Two. Crucify you on nails.

One,Two.One,Two. You won’t trim our sails.

One,Two.One,Two.You will bring us ruin.

One,Two.One,Two. Through the things you are doin’

One,Two.One,Two. I wish I never met ya



Your hiding behind your door. three, four. , three, four.

Ain’t sociable no more. three, four. three,four.

You used to have a knife three,four.three,four.

Now you want a wife. three four, three four.

It ain’t gonna be me. three,four. three, four

You’re old and grey. three,four.three,four.


I want to tell my story, five six seven

About how my life five, six ,seven

And heaven five six seven

I know how to set you free. five, six,seven

I know how to set you free, five six seven.

Now come to me seven, eight nine

Stop doing time eight nine eight nine.

All you who are ill eight,nine,ten.

All you who are ill eight,nine,ten.

And let’s pray for a new day. Alleluia!



ta da!