From Beyond The Grave

Instead of, replacing, substitute great lines of mere words in order. Great men, musicians, playwrights, novelists stealing my future from their graves Stalling me in my tracks for style Mocking my attempts at verse Without batting an eye for a plagiarist who ‘quotes’ them in inverted commas borrowing from their fame and efforts neither trialledContinue reading “From Beyond The Grave”

It’s not against the law is it? (poem)

110111000111100011100110101010111100101010101001101010101001010100010001001000100101001001011111110001010101000101010101000000011111111000010101100101010100011100100111001100010001100001101010110010101010100101010111000101010111001000010001110011111100111010100000000001101111100010000010000000000011000000000011000000000. You shout the bits in bold.

Oh, We can plainly

see. That is me and me and me. That you are a fully grown Boy. Clumsily Adept, skillyfuly inept, artyfully kept I am grown, boy. Taking care of myself, being like a little elf, sometimes on task other times at the end of a branch; hanging in motion, listening for the commotion. I am grown, boy. SixContinue reading “Oh, We can plainly”