Young Adult -Writing Exercises #365daynovel (Last one!)

Cara found parties boring. If it wasn’t pretending that you liked someone it was actually liking someone and getting a crush on them. Up and down tedium made worst by the drink. ‘Hiya Cara,’ said a passer-by without stopping ‘Bye Cara!’ There was a distinct amount of talent at the party with a few headsContinue reading “Young Adult -Writing Exercises #365daynovel (Last one!)”

Writing Exercises #365daynovel – Pencil Sharpener Man

Childrens ‘A crime fighting superhero lives in my cupboard!’. So says Jack. Jack is ten going on twenty and his brother Lis, 12 and sister Jo, 14 don’t have a clue. It all began when the neighbours dog Poochy Poo, got stolen when Mrs Sparkles was at the newsagent buying yesterday’s paper. She left PoochyPooContinue reading “Writing Exercises #365daynovel – Pencil Sharpener Man”

Writing Exercise 365 day novel – Satire

I’ve only got a few of the facts, but I have an audience of willing lemmings who will laugh at anything I say, ascribe meaning and morality to the most trite populism I spout making people laugh and tackling today’s Big Issues I am a satirist. Oh yes, I have a very popular following soContinue reading “Writing Exercise 365 day novel – Satire”

Just some writin’- Still on day two 365daynovel

A Man walks into a bar and says Ouch! Its old but its somehow new every time I hear it. What did the biscuit say when it found out it was going to be arrested? Crumbs! Tomato walks behind and gets squished, Dad says Ketchup! Steve was reading the funnies in-between jobs on the latheContinue reading “Just some writin’- Still on day two 365daynovel”

‘Twas Sprillig on the Smithy Tove

Twas sprillig on the dashtag, T-wit-t-whoo-went the twitters Children Tumblred around, Spacebook stood still BySpace is too small said one tumbler Stop twittering said, Mother AND PAY ATTENTION! ‘Uncle Dilligan is coming around today.’ said Mother ‘Yeaah!’ screamed the kids in unison. The old stanchions stood grey and still like the Spacebook of old remarkedContinue reading “‘Twas Sprillig on the Smithy Tove”

Day Two Writing Exercises 365Day Novel

romance Derek tucked his shirt in his trousers and looked at himself in the mirror. Skin: good, hair: good. Teeth? He grinned into the mirror. Good.  He looked at his watch 6:50. Ten minutes to go! She’ll be here in ten minutes! thought Derek. Now, what needs doing? Check the roast. Chill the wine, lightContinue reading “Day Two Writing Exercises 365Day Novel”

Day two 365 Novel Exercises Carried Away A Bit!

Wrote this as a premise of a story involving nine cats being born while being watched by a family – theme :horror Everyone was there. Karen was there. Richard was there. Emily was there. Pat and Roach were there. Jan and Sue were there. All there and what they saw would stay with them forever.Continue reading “Day two 365 Novel Exercises Carried Away A Bit!”

How It Is With Love -A #365daynovel – Day 2

Don’t know much about writing but tried these exercises today. A cruise ship gets caught in a storm, veers off course, and then sinks far from the mainland, but many of the passengers survive and make it to a deserted island. literary fiction In an illicit gay relationship with his deck officer and embattled politicallyContinue reading “How It Is With Love -A #365daynovel – Day 2”

How It Is With Love -A #365daynovel – Day 1

I would like to write about love but its like a dog chasing its own tail The end is both the end and beginning and vice-versa, if you see what I mean. Seeing yourself in the action of being in love is not that exciting unless you happen to scale a sheer rock face onContinue reading “How It Is With Love -A #365daynovel – Day 1”