Songwrite 4

Deep Red/Blue

D’ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhh!
I wince at the yellow and find comfort in its sallllllow
death like probe into my consciousness bleeding without pain.
my body is square and your head is round
I drown like a misfit in your caustic flow alkaline.
chocolate melts at room temperature the hair wore create a
vortex within
a cold black hole ever so empty sucking everything in.
this is me my lovers sin.
upon a mask
staring back
burned out
come out
start again.
hammer to the nails
in my coffin.
red heart cushion
near ultraviolet spectrum
go into spasm
without going inside
virgin cream top
Time for bedlam.
Wither thee inside.Out.Of.My.Head.
Jah Rule. Haille Selassie Yeah. Rasta Lives On.
©2017 Andrew  M Watkins

Songwrite 3

Still talking

The bus journey still ringing in my ears
we meet kiss and say hello
and then the glow fades to yellow and blue as we move inside and while the others are laughing we cry. I don’t know why. We cry for those left outside perhaps in the rain. We cry for the yesterdays that weren’t that great. we cry before we run out of money. we cry for the taste of honey. We cry for the dead. We cry for the living. Opalescent blue. Blue light falls over you and you look so beautiful. here in our sin. Our rogue fellowship where we always win.
We if we never said goodbye.
©2017  Andrew  M Watkins

Songwrite 2


Closed Shell

I hold you in my hand but cannot bear your weight
You hold me in turn with a look of your eyes
and we spin ever so slowly clockwise as the universe unrolls
like a welcome mat around is we are caught.
The shell that you hold inside near to your heart.
nothing can prise it apart
the oceans rise and mountains fall
and lead is made into gold still you clutch at my soul
and never seal with a kiss what inside is my bliss
that one day will come and the heavens above.
I am a prisoner.
And you hold the key.
©2017 Andrew M Watkins