Soft Pastels

DSCF4436Scan0082Scan0160 DSCF4622 Scan0159 DSCF4430 Scan0158 Scan0155 Slasher Pic Peace Scan0152 Scan0151 DSCF4415 DSCF4381 DSCF4401 untitled_drawing_by_loungejack-d8jhwiz Scan0149 Scan0146 Pastel Sketch 1 DSCF4325 DSCF4322 DSCF4321 Scan0129 Fire In THe Woods DSCF4318 Scan0128 DSCF4314 Offshore Waves Here Boy Lie With Me Fluffy and Adorable Bed DSCF4313 DSCF4311 cropped-scan00811.jpg Four Seasons In One Day Landscape Scene Doors Of Perception Sector 17, 0200hrs Scan0117 Port Side Guns Ted Martian Landing Pad The View From Being In The Tree ArcSine Tangent Monkey Beautiful Losers Sunflower Fractal kite Scan0104 - Copy Scan0103 Scan0100 Scan0099 Scan00972 Scan0088 Butterfly Scan0086 Scan0085 Scan0084 Scan0083 Scan1 Scan0081 Scan0080 Scan0079 Scan0074 Scan0072 Scan0078 Scan0077 Scan0071 Scan0073 Scan0076 Scan0070 Scan0069 Scan0068 Scan0066 Scan0065 Scan0064 Scan0063 Scan0059 Scan0058

Fruit by Andrew Watkins
Fruit by Andrew Watkins



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