Sci-Fi Space Art

I used to sell old sci-fi books from the seventies and one of the big draws for me was the artwork which I loved.  Monsters come in all shapes and sizes from xeno-morphic ones that clone the human or animal form like in ‘The Thing’ to the mind bending super-beings of Star-Trek. Star Trek was formative for me. You could watch a story unfold on the screen, strange events (phenomena) and then the culprits would be revealed to you, the watcher. It is still amazing how many mysteries were perpetrated by lumps of goo or by humanoids wearing only the thinnest of disguises. Now I see the world through different eyes.  The everyday is stranger than fiction. This is why I draw. What is really there, in truth or in possibility?

I hope you have been entertained by this page, which I made on a whim, just to see what would unfold.



Scan0101 Scan0104 - Copy Scan0103 Sentient Scan0100Tip-Toe Quietly Away

Martian Landing PadTedPort Side GunsScan0117


2 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Space Art

  1. Thanks for stopping by I dig your style. Something very disarming about it. Especially loved the Elephant built of triangles, and “Howler.”

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