Fish Are Amazing!

Well it’s coming up on nine o clock pm (well it is) and I’m looking at writing another brilliant masterpiece. Well I am. I just woke up (again). For those of you who don’t regularly read this blog I have un-diagnosed CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which invariably means I am either on the verge ofContinue reading “Fish Are Amazing!”


Hi. I am feeling tired, enervated, shattered, done in. Its Friday and the end of the working week. If worked then I would likely feel happy about it. As it is I just feel tired, enervated, shattered, done in. I think I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I read someones account of it on their blogContinue reading “Awake…Barely”

Rockfall/Critical Mass

Imagine a Rockfall in your garden with dirt, pebbles, centipede, cat dirt etc There is a critical mass at which point the sides collapse and sheets of dirt, pebble, cat mess etc slide down the valley edges towards the bottom. The valley becomes wider and shallower. See diagram above. Imagine that you are a rockContinue reading “Rockfall/Critical Mass”


Why is it that some people seem to have a line direct to your guilt centre, whose words do not contain logic but some undeniable universal truth grain, no matter how far fetched. Just imagine if these people had power and the reigns of justice and then discovered a  will of revenge. Wouldn’t we allContinue reading “Conscience”

Love – Instalment 1

I would like to Write About Love just like in the Belle & Sebastian song but its like a dog chasing its own tail The end is both the end and beginning and vice-versa, if you see what I mean. Seeing yourself in the action of being in love is not that exciting unless youContinue reading “Love – Instalment 1”