Just a quick procedure

It’s just a quick procedure. Won’t hurt a bit. You see we don’t like the way you think and feel and we have something that’s just the right fit for you. Middle Class. It will change you overnight. It will help you travel internationally on business class flights. It will mould you as you mouldContinue reading “Just a quick procedure”

Bask In The Glory Days

It’s not often I am told to bask in the glory. So I am doing it. Willingly. Does this mean to take a break also? Perhaps. Perhaps not. I enjoy writing and to stop would be akin to cutting off a limb (no rhyme intended) So I will carry on writing and gaining the plaudits ofContinue reading “Bask In The Glory Days”

New Starts

Pfft! Pfft! CRANK. (cranking sounds) Pffttttrrrrrrhummmmmmm! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Blue smoke and engine running. In my head, I hear a thrumming of harp and guitar going far into the distance from where I survey the wreckage of my plane. Goggles hanging around my neck and sheepskin liner standard service issue pistol in my belt. Queens regs overContinue reading “New Starts”

A Quick Waterfall Poem

With its own rhythm the waterfalls around me in jets of a thousand power showers and falling logs. It hits my head and breaks apart covering me in the spray. I can feel humanity returning in me and spy the white sky if I open my eyes a little. People gather about the pool at theContinue reading “A Quick Waterfall Poem”