Like A Politician

A politician does something counter stereotypical and it is photographed in the press. A doctor poisons his patient. A policeman begins a riot and gang-rapes a female student. A camera points West – remote shutter activated. And we wonder why all photo albums look the same. Prostitutes give up life on the game Fashionistas allContinue reading “Like A Politician”

Rusty Pennies

  Dysphagia contained light is dark, hot is cold, good is bad? yesterday is now today (it happened yesterday morn) the time-space continuum sprung a leak and I fell into it drowning in specious stuff until I surfaced on a remote desert islands somewhere. I am trying to give you my impression of how I feel.Continue reading “Rusty Pennies”

Letter To The Dear Departed

Perhaps I went to fast. At the bus stop when you were leaving I couldn’t have thought of worst, with hindsight, rather place a kiss behind your ear and whisper sweet nothings until I had to leave. Perhaps I went too fast. Why I invited you was clear in my mind like misty gardens I couldContinue reading “Letter To The Dear Departed”

New Starts

Pfft! Pfft! CRANK. (cranking sounds) Pffttttrrrrrrhummmmmmm! Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Blue smoke and engine running. In my head, I hear a thrumming of harp and guitar going far into the distance from where I survey the wreckage of my plane. Goggles hanging around my neck and sheepskin liner standard service issue pistol in my belt. Queens regs overContinue reading “New Starts”