Just a quick procedure

It’s just a quick procedure. Won’t hurt a bit. You see we don’t like the way you think and feel and we have something that’s just the right fit for you. Middle Class. It will change you overnight. It will help you travel internationally on business class flights. It will mould you as you mouldContinue reading “Just a quick procedure”

To My Younger Self

This is it.The music I like. The people I like. The art I like. The books I like. The hobbies I like. The games I like. The flat I like. The pace I like. The collections I like. The DVD’s I like. The posters I like. The stickers I like. The clothes I like. The economics I like. TheContinue reading “To My Younger Self”

Dance On Over

Drowning in the morning breeze I cannot see the woods for the trees as I wander gathering flowers amid the singing of the birds and the bees.   Midday with its succulent treats on a table of plenty an illusion banquet that I can feast at merrily While the others and my companions busy themselvesContinue reading “Dance On Over”

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning is Boring Just Like yesterday, It will eventually go away And leave me with a pristine Monday. What? Wait…Sunday night is sublime Like chips and gravy with a chicken leg on the side And mustard. Wait. I want my Sunday beer (afternoon) and watch the racing on Channel 4. How can you decide ifContinue reading “Sunday Morning”