I too have been loved

In class, you called my name I ignored your approaches in vain In secret corners, you would come to me whispering secrets telling of comings and goings And to me, it was like INS key, its use unknown to me at the time and in my heart I had wanted another, another person altogether ButContinue reading “I too have been loved”

The Seventh Overture

On Mailing Lists and published memberships. It came in the night, the words, ‘It’s our city’ then echoed within many minds. ‘It’s mine.It’s mine.’ The capacity for fear. The fear of knowing ringing in your ears.. The marching bands of Ulster the mirror in this country. Let the protestant right begin tonight, tonight. Racial divides,Continue reading “The Seventh Overture”

Metaphor Riot-A Poets Wish

I am on a road my life is following this road into stormy weather of hurricanes white out blizzards of comets striking the earth and sending up huge clouds of metaphorical dust So I am blinded I cannot see unless something is close to me, like metaphor is now and has been before the tearsContinue reading “Metaphor Riot-A Poets Wish”


Not to be confused with Catholics On our TV we hear comedians gather in groups and say words about things that we think is nice for them to get a chance to air their lives in public. Cathartics. In the newspapers we hear stories about how a child survived cancer and worse and this isContinue reading “Cathartics”

Low Fat Peregrine Margarine

Love, control, incest Love, control, incest Bees pour down on me from their honeyed home Annoyed because I poked¬†his hive, tongue-tied, now dying alive. Love, control, incest, sting, sting, sting Give me support, give me support take my legs from under me and attach me to a star, so I can swing merrily along. TakeContinue reading “Low Fat Peregrine Margarine”


Stickers are all that’s left and they aren’t even real. I have turned inside out. Bits of me are all around me It’s an existential maze every day. But always my thoughts return to you.   Excremental /shitstorm /FUBAR Is this the life for me? Everyone watching me self-destructing¬†(again) while I am in a hazeContinue reading “Perfect”

We’ve Got A File On You

We’ve got a file on you! We’ve got a file on you! Your comings and goings, Your Toings and Froings. We’ve got a file on you!   We’ve got some dirt on you! We’ve got some dirt on you! That kiss under the arches, Your kinky requirements. We’ve got some dirt on you!   We’veContinue reading “We’ve Got A File On You”

Har Har Fuckin Har

4.00 am I am more than this. I am speed. I am motivation. Early morning run. On the edge of power. The water of life runs by. (Huge ponds of it) As my feet pound on the pavement. Green fields come into view Running around corners, skidding on dry dirt. Keeping my balance. 6:30 IContinue reading “Har Har Fuckin Har”