Inspired by something I cannot define I seek to define this mother of mine At once enabled by another impressive light show To follow the bands together congregated In tune to the Glory of above, Reigns in Heaven and below in rivers of blood and lavender in modern clothes. Does she give out praise inContinue reading “Inspired”



Not to be confused with Catholics On our TV we hear comedians gather in groups and say words about things that we think is nice for them to get a chance to air their lives in public. Cathartics. In the newspapers we hear stories about how a child survived cancer and worse and this isContinue reading “Cathartics”

Wordplay, Humour, Good-Taste

Little, by little the chi, leaves me. I am out of yin and yang. Pranayama does not help me with reiki while Asana tea tastes nice if followed with chakras for dunking. Ha haha. As you might have guessed I am taking up yoga, fitness and meditation and am slowly taking on board new vocabulary.Continue reading “Wordplay, Humour, Good-Taste”

Was It All Worth It

I have drawn hundreds of Pictures for this blog. I have written thousands and thousands of words here on my blog. And what do I have to show for it. A blog nobody bothers to explore the menu on. Perhaps I need to stop sulking and begin promoting my blog. OK, I made ninety-nine percentContinue reading “Was It All Worth It”

Saturday Thoughts

Why do I always…moan… end up in mental opposition of my parents and relatives… feel crap small worthless and alone… unable to meet even my most base functions… Listening to music I haven’t listened to in years… Feeling like I am worthless… Feeling like it’s my fault… Feeling hopeless… undermined… ignored… unwanted… end up talkingContinue reading “Saturday Thoughts”

Fish Are Amazing!

Well it’s coming up on nine o clock pm (well it is) and I’m looking at writing another brilliant masterpiece. Well I am. I just woke up (again). For those of you who don’t regularly read this blog I have un-diagnosed CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) which invariably means I am either on the verge ofContinue reading “Fish Are Amazing!”


Hi. I am feeling tired, enervated, shattered, done in. Its Friday and the end of the working week. If worked then I would likely feel happy about it. As it is I just feel tired, enervated, shattered, done in. I think I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I read someones account of it on their blogContinue reading “Awake…Barely”