Men At Work

Words suddenly seem weaker than me, I need am image to be reckoned with I┬átried to draw a fist of defiance but ended up with something that looked nothing like a fist. In fact, it did not look like anything except maybe a foot. Perhaps I should just stick with the words. I hate this,Continue reading “Men At Work”

‘Twas Sprillig on the Smithy Tove

Twas sprillig on the dashtag, T-wit-t-whoo-went the twitters Children Tumblred around, Spacebook stood still BySpace is too small said one tumbler Stop twittering said, Mother AND PAY ATTENTION! ‘Uncle Dilligan is coming around today.’ said Mother ‘Yeaah!’ screamed the kids in unison. The old stanchions stood grey and still like the Spacebook of old remarkedContinue reading “‘Twas Sprillig on the Smithy Tove”