Does A Cat Know It Will Get Hairballs?

Variety Magazine. Varsity Magazine. Verity Magazine. Which one is real? Picachoo Pikachu peekachoo Which one is real? Father Son Holy Spirit Which one is real? Answer: All three and three as one in the Godhead or Holy Trinity. Does A Cat Know It Will Get Hairballs? Yes, but it doesn’t have to clear them upContinue reading “Does A Cat Know It Will Get Hairballs?”

He’s a F***ing C***Sucker!

He’s a fucking cocksucker only happy with himself He’s a fucking cocksucker with the stature of an elf. He’s got no friends and he crawls around in the gutter Where he shouts obscenities all that he can utter. No-one listens to him anymore  and to him nobody cares Only the insane man at the stopContinue reading “He’s a F***ing C***Sucker!”

My Circuits Dead, There’s something Wrong

‘And the stars look very different today..’ Don’t Lie Bowie, They look just the same as yesterday.And the day before, and the day before.. ‘Here I am floating in my tin can..’ Have you been on the wacky backy again David… ‘Planet Earth is Blue and theres nothing i can do…’ Well, it’s the oceans thatContinue reading “My Circuits Dead, There’s something Wrong”

Someone Took The Rubbish Away

Someone… Took the rubbish. someone… took the rubbish away Someone… took the rubbish… someone… took the rubbish away. Say Au Revior.. to the rubbish Say au revoir to the rubbish today say au revoir to the rubbish say au revoir to the rubbish today Isn’t it about time… There was no ruibbish Isn’t it aboutContinue reading “Someone Took The Rubbish Away”