is Dead Long Live

I might get in trouble for this. I just gave myself a writing prompt is all and all things on the Internet die eventually. I’m just ahead of my time. Google directory. Dead. Myspace. dead. Demon Internet? 56k Modems dead.286 processors. dead. So on a dreary cold Saturday morning I am going to talk about movingContinue reading “ is Dead Long Live”

Was It All Worth It

I have drawn hundreds of Pictures for this blog. I have written thousands and thousands of words here on my blog. And what do I have to show for it. A blog nobody bothers to explore the menu on. Perhaps I need to stop sulking and begin promoting my blog. OK, I made ninety-nine percentContinue reading “Was It All Worth It”

Rhea Perlman – I Loved You A LOT!

Hi, ya people. I have typed this note in a sincere attempt to gain the attention of Mrs Rhea Perlman, writer and actress (Cheers!,Otto Undercover)  of whom I was a huge fan. Still Am. I’m 42 years old and still chasing  women in Hollywood… I know. I am right. Hey I’m A Fan! Dear Rhea, BeContinue reading “Rhea Perlman – I Loved You A LOT!”


Like beer and lemonade! Like cheese and pickle! Like Townies and Burberry. Me and Him were like this. (Shows fingers crossed) And now I recall it all. Like lemmings, we were curled up feet apart on my bed while the music was playing and the sounds were coursing through my head. And all the emotionsContinue reading “Together”