I Don’t Want Your Labels

Listen to me, I don’t want your labels, especially at Christmas. Now can we get back to the drinking games, please? That’s better I am filling up on lemonade with real lemon slices and ice cubes. It’s excellent. My bottom has fallen to sleep once already, but right now it feels like it could goContinue reading “I Don’t Want Your Labels”

Third Dimension

The third dimension is the space in between what is normal what is extraordinary and far out, like Christmas, something only obtainable by having other dimensions around it like the aftertaste of chocolate and wine or beef and horseradish and mashed potato. It’s gravy in a boat with rockets attached. It’s space travel on giant mushrooms inContinue reading “Third Dimension”

Wierd Neighbourhood

I live in a weird neighbourhood. This post is for me to explore what I mean when I say weird and to see what else comes up. Recently I have been reading or trying to read my own thoughts. Such thinking is counter-productive, perhaps I am like an engineer looking for faults. However I findContinue reading “Wierd Neighbourhood”

Like A Politician

A politician does something counter stereotypical and it is photographed in the press. A doctor poisons his patient. A policeman begins a riot and gang-rapes a female student. A camera points West – remote shutter activated. And we wonder why all photo albums look the same. Prostitutes give up life on the game Fashionistas allContinue reading “Like A Politician”

What really happened?

I went to the sauna with the idea of getting some hot man love and taking my position amongst the few who dared to express their physical love so publically. What really happened. I was there at least. A guy on his way out said.’This place isn’t all its cracked up to be’ but soContinue reading “What really happened?”