If You Go Down To The Woods Today-Chapter One

Teddy was playing with Rabbit. Rabbit was hiding from Teddy. Badger was the umpire. ‘I will count from ten backwards, then you, Teddy must go and find rabbit’,’Teddy,’ said Badger Teddy looked at Badger ‘Yes Badger,’ ‘Close your eyes Teddy,’ ‘Yes Badger,’ said Teddy who then closed his eyes. ‘Ready Everyone?’ said badger. ‘Yes, Ready’ saidContinue reading “If You Go Down To The Woods Today-Chapter One”

Piranha Nirvana

McVities Digestives Two packs Only 99p. Two packs 99p. 2 Packs 99p How is doing the economy? Everything should be free, Everything should be free If you ask me, If you ask me We could live in a state of Nirvana, Governed by a large piranha Who would eat the murderers, bite the hand offContinue reading “Piranha Nirvana”

So, blood guts and gore are OK..Hmmm

Sheila looked up from inside the chest cavity  of her victim. Her feline teeth stained red, her whole face blood red only the whites of her eyes like ice lightning flecked with green. Her stance was that of a cat also and she used her legs to gain leverage when she tore with her teethContinue reading “So, blood guts and gore are OK..Hmmm”

Death On the Moor Chapter 3

Smelling bad and festering with yellow maggots and pus in the jellyfied state is how I imagine briefly Myra would look on her deathbed, laid flat on  a mortuary slab in an old building with peeling paintwork. I was there looking at her while someone held a clipboard. Then I was thinking about my poster onContinue reading “Death On the Moor Chapter 3”

Death On the Moor Chapter 2

The keys on my keyboard are full of magic. They should believe in themselves! It’s Christmas again and the movies are playing on television as the big day looms ever closer. Hams and Turkeys are flying off the shelves at supermarkets up and down the country. Dads are stocking up on beer and candles andContinue reading “Death On the Moor Chapter 2”

Death On the Moor Chapter 1

I’m scared of polyphony. I mean real orchestral stuff in forte or fortissimo. It’s the connection’s of it. It’s connected to my head to my heart, to my body, my soul and I was stupid enough to invite it into my room. I know what I mean and it’s only because I am broken rejected and annoyedContinue reading “Death On the Moor Chapter 1”

In the Sand, I run

So Stuck am I that I don’t notice that I’m stuck in the mud anymore.  Andrew Watkins Left, right left, right – A poem about movement   I meander past the breakfast bar and saunter to the lounge where I settle with my coffee and leisurely supine myself on the sofa The cat comes in andContinue reading “In the Sand, I run”