JR Ewwwwwwing And I have Drunk No Beer

Wacky Ass Wacky Ass Worf Zen Buddha Chinese Markets Chinese Markets There was a day when the sun was shining I sat down next to a tree and the branch held a fruit so I picked and ate it (those were the days of the low hanging fruit) picked and ate it Wacky Ass WackyContinue reading “JR Ewwwwwwing And I have Drunk No Beer”

Furries (Declaration of WAR)

The tawny hare, the snowy fox chased the guilty priest into the golden closet full of expensive wigs and bright red lipsticks where the russet lady and the casual dominatrix compared notes from a dripping notebook. Then, the furry friend ladled the smelly concoction over everything and you turn to him and said’This isn’t me,Continue reading “Furries (Declaration of WAR)”

Men In Towels

After the sauna, I knew I had a temperature problem. They just kept on pouring water onto the hot coals and for the next week, I couldn’t┬áregulate my own temperature. One minute I’d be inside wearing a wooly jumper and boiling next id be outside in a t-shirt freezing while the sun was out. It’sContinue reading “Men In Towels”


Not to be confused with Catholics On our TV we hear comedians gather in groups and say words about things that we think is nice for them to get a chance to air their lives in public. Cathartics. In the newspapers we hear stories about how a child survived cancer and worse and this isContinue reading “Cathartics”

Granny Smith – A New Necklace Short Story

Stitch…stabbing. Car death. Violent Death. Gunshot wound. A stitch in time saves nine. Cross stitch mutilation and torture. Embroidery. Incest familicide. Damn its hot in here! Take off some clothes. When you are comfortable I will begin. Once upon a time, there was a grandmother who was tired of cross-stitch and embroidery. One day aContinue reading “Granny Smith – A New Necklace Short Story”

One day while walking home in the rain

One day while walking home in the rain I stubbed my toe on a brick that was sticking out of the wall. I don’t know what made me do it, but I retraced my steps and did the whole thing again. Bang! bang! Bang! and it was the same every time. I liked the pain.Continue reading “One day while walking home in the rain”