Little by little I suppose it gets inside us; humanity, common and solid. And all the signposts and cobbled streets that have worn out our shoes have a destination of a spaghetti junction of a sort. We can go everywhere all from one place. Imagine God was a gardener as a young man/deity. Now heContinue reading “God”


Not to be confused with Catholics On our TV we hear comedians gather in groups and say words about things that we think is nice for them to get a chance to air their lives in public. Cathartics. In the newspapers we hear stories about how a child survived cancer and worse and this isContinue reading “Cathartics”

Be Encouraged

If there is a destination you have in mind…be encouraged. If there is a destination that you want to avoid…be encouraged. If there are people you want to know…be encouraged. If there are people you wish to avoid…be encouraged. If there is a paper that you wish to read…be encouraged. If there is food youContinue reading “Be Encouraged”

Write A Children’s Prayer For Christmas

I thought that I should try to connect with the magic of childhood this Christmas. So I thought I would write a Children’s prayer – a Prayer for Children to pray. When I was writing it I found myself remembering on some things from my childhood so I included them in my prayer and asked for God’s forgiveness.Continue reading “Write A Children’s Prayer For Christmas”

I Want To Hold Your Hand

I want to hold your hand, I want to hold your hand Wherever we go rain sleet or snow It doesn’t matter who will know And it doesn’t matter that they’re cold Or wet or covered in shit or dripping with blood My hand is there ready to receive yours Over rocky roads and upContinue reading “I Want To Hold Your Hand”

Ring The Bells – A Prayer.

Twas ringing upon the dew soaked morn, That day a savior was born. And there was a star in the Sky that lead, Astrologers from the East to his bed. And Matthew told the story is his gospel, That man may not forget God, his hostel. When in need or in times of peril, ThereContinue reading “Ring The Bells – A Prayer.”

1234 Who are we waiting for? Jesus – That’s Who

I’ve been expecting someone for a while now and have been expecting his return ever since I was young enough to understand. The Savior will come again. And the idea of host and guest will be turned on its head. And what have I been up to. And what has the church been up to? Preparing for HimContinue reading “1234 Who are we waiting for? Jesus – That’s Who”

Christian Thought #000006

There’s A Weight Lifted Off My Shoulders. Well, actually I was not carrying it. I had set it down on the side of me because I was tired of the weight. Then a good samaritan came along and took the load right off me. No shit! It was one minute there and the next minuteContinue reading “Christian Thought #000006”