Holy Duck!

It’s time for me to do some writing. I don’t know what will come out of this but I intend to give it a go. My recent attempts at varying my output all seem to have fallen on deaf or dumbfounded ears while the standard of blogs I have been coming across has been veryContinue reading “Holy Duck!”

Wordplay, Humour, Good-Taste

Little, by little the chi, leaves me. I am out of yin and yang. Pranayama does not help me with reiki while Asana tea tastes nice if followed with chakras for dunking. Ha haha. As you might have guessed I am taking up yoga, fitness and meditation and am slowly taking on board new vocabulary.Continue reading “Wordplay, Humour, Good-Taste”

Bit.ly is Dead Long Live Bit.ly

I might get in trouble for this. I just gave myself a writing prompt is all and all things on the Internet die eventually. I’m just ahead of my time. Google directory. Dead. Myspace. dead. Demon Internet? 56k Modems dead.286 processors. dead. So on a dreary cold Saturday morning I am going to talk about movingContinue reading “Bit.ly is Dead Long Live Bit.ly”

Was It All Worth It

I have drawn hundreds of Pictures for this blog. I have written thousands and thousands of words here on my blog. And what do I have to show for it. A blog nobody bothers to explore the menu on. Perhaps I need to stop sulking and begin promoting my blog. OK, I made ninety-nine percentContinue reading “Was It All Worth It”

An Open Question To Bloggers Everywhere – You Will Never Meet The People Who Read Your Blog?

So, You will never read my blog again, Right? Wrong. You know you will never meet me? Wrong. You don’t care? Wrong. Someone tell me the answer. Isn’t it about self-expression? Probably not. Like a diary? Maybe. Someone tell me the answer love. It’s about self and the digital world. Is it about a legacy?Continue reading “An Open Question To Bloggers Everywhere – You Will Never Meet The People Who Read Your Blog?”

Christian Thought #00004

All Is Not Well. There was a penetrating silence. I thought perhaps there were bogeymen outside of my door but when I opened it nobody was there. Just in case I wasn’t feeling good about things (which I was, albeit temporarily) the universe decided to play a cruel joke on me, of the existential variety.Continue reading “Christian Thought #00004”

Finished Website/Blog – New Look – 500 Posts – Competition

Hi All! I have finished the new look of my blog https://andrewmmwatkins.wordpress.com. I have added page menus so that you can find all my hundreds of different pictures and paintings easily. Since starting in 2014 I have made 500 posts of art, writing or poetry! Come and have another look around here See you soon. A