About the Artist

Now I mainly do writing with the occasional drawing.

I feel it is time to update my ‘About’ page as much has changed or become apparent since I wrote the first one.

Born in 1973, Except for the very rare one-off drawing I did not draw at all until I had turned 40.

I began blogging in early 2014 with a handful of drawings under my belt and the vague idea of traditional blogging and getting feedback on my drawings and maybe taking commissions for my business idea ‘Assassin Illustration’.

That plan sort of flew and today the blog is going strong with almost 300 followers. In addition the feedback I have had in comments which, so far has been great and useful also.

I discovered that illustration is a competitive business. I discovered I could draw.

What I like about the WordPress community is that everyone has the chance to say what they want, how they want and i have met many lovely and interesting people on here.

Anyway I thought, I might get better if I carry on.

Almost two years on I am still blogging and drawing. Sometimes I upload a little painting, pastels, photography, poetry or just doodling, In my own way I am working on ideas for the future and splitting my time between friends and family (not for money). Gee I sound boring! So without further ado….


Boost my confidence with a follow a like or a comment. Money also helps! So if you are interested in buying some artwork from the site you can make contact with me using the form below.

 All work on this blog copyright Andrew Mark Watkins. Do not use without permission.


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