To All The Amazing Artists Everywhere

describe me in lines
in colour surprise
show me the real
show me fantasy
just show me!

Those first lines
that stay with you always
are primers for the paint
that you buy later

That masterpiece you made
wasn’t all that in your eyes
yet they became comfortable
in time, you will too.

Lifes percussion is deafening
And hard to stand on
Just draw anyway and capture
What you have seen

That line you heard is not all; it seems
to know where you have been
and the heavy metal style
makes you feel mean

James Hetfield once said
I’m not getting out of bed
So the rest of Metallica
joined him instead

Trying to find meaning is tough
When others say it isn’t there
and you can’t see it either
and whose to say there is any when you draw

That’s the appeal I suppose
to waste time doing something you enjoy
and might bring pleasure to others
on a rainy day

But. There is a but. There will always be heavenly.
No matter if you live in hell
Describe me with lines
with colour surprise.

Copyright Andrew Watkins 2019©


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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