The reason for getting gout of bed

Can’t be bothered for getting out of bed for anything other than sex? If so you have found the right place!

Ipsum great! If you enjoy sex like me then you will no doubt know that it affects your spirituality.

Sex with a partner can be uplifting as well as satisfying. A long-lasting sexual relationship can bring satisfaction to an otherwise meaningless life. I am no doctor but I know that getting laid is better than any pill.

Medical exceptions apply.

So if like me you spend meaningless days wondering if your existence really matters, there is always the opportunity to get laid!

I don’t quite know how I ended up here doing nothing but typing words into my keyboard about sex but here I am.

And I want you to know that I fully understand your reasons for abstaining.

Abstination can be fulfilling in its own way – imagine the M1 without any cars. it’s still a pretty sight,

And today media will always put up a fight. I mean who wants to know who the latest big celeb is screwing/how cheap plasterboard is these days? I mean what I am saying no-one will trust you! Bargains beware!!

As I ponder my pint I wonder how I am going to type the next words. Sexuality is all in the head. I know it sounds crude but how can you let the few difficulties in your life get in the way of your head? I mean if God didn’t want you to get head then he wouldn’t have given you the equipment would he?

I am 46 years old so don’t get laid that often enough but I know how it can improve your life. So if you want to talk  then get in touch


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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