Conscription starts at home!
Shine that latrine
Polish those socks
Climb that laundry mountain
Conscription starts at home
Muck out that latrine
till your fingernails bleed
Shod that pony
Shim that tackle!
Polish that brass
Haul that ass
All the way to the railway yard!
All before breakfast starts
Clear that table
Mind those crumbs don’t get on the floor
or they’ll be hell to pay
today we start
a nuclear war!
The Soviet Union will fall
(against sugar and dust)
And Stalin will be no more!
MP44, MP44, MP44, MP44
Get behind that door
In your little hidey hole
I see your little nose twitching!
And your big eyes staring
And your poop is a smelling
And your product is amazing!
And you’ll keep on hiding
Until conscription day
When suddenly you’ve got two fine kids!
Close your eyes and wonder
If the nation’s place is over
And if you climb under the parapet
then look over, you will see
a beautiful land of clover.
With one dirty hand and one clean
lead your children there
and see the bright side,


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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